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The benefits to shipping companies are increased by choosing a dry docking window and, with proper maintenance programmes in place, the potential for the hull to stay in water for extended period increasing the availability of the vessel.

MEGADIVE Ltd is certified from all the IACS Classification Societies for the underwater / In-water (IWS) survey and can provide to the operators the opportunity to extend the Dry Docking period.

In future it is expected that there will be greater scrutiny of biofouling management activities and therefore capturing operational procedures in a biofouling management plan. The underwater / In-water (IWS) survey covers the need for diving inspection of the niche areas arising from the Biofouling Management Plan.

A comprehensive diving report of the survey and any work undertaken is provided, including high quality CCTV digital video and photos.

MEGADIVE Ltd can also provide to its customers underwater condition surveys, as well as underwater pre-purchase inspections in a highly competitive prices.

Our company can provide its services on a worldwide basis through the network of offices and service stations.

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