MEGADIVE Ltd has been involved in a total of 20 salvage cases since 2008 as a sub-contractor to the major salvage companies in Greece and abroad.

Fast response and professional assistance to salvage companies is MEGADIVE’s main philosophy. Our company is prepared urgently respond and provide its diving services to any incident involving property at sea or pollution risk to marine environment.

With our expertise, our highly qualified and dedicated divers/wet welders, naval architects and our highly maintained diving equipment, a rapid and efficient provision of service is guaranteed.

Our equipment and tools inventory includes high capacity offloading salvage pumps, submersible pumps, electrical generators, welding, cutting and diving equipment, diesel driven hydraulic power pack units etc.

Over the years MEGADIVE Ltd has gained the know-how and developed the necessary infrastructure as to be now capable and ready, in cooperation with the salvors, to provide wreck removal services.

MEGADIVE’s primary task is to meet its clients’ growing needs for deep-water development and support of offshore petroleum exploration.