The presence of surface roughness results in a loss in propulsor efficiency and causes fuel consumption penalties, decrease in the vessel’s speed and increase in CO2 emissions.

Propeller cleaning & polishing has a high effect in the performance of a vessel with the cost of cleaning very low. Fuel savings of more than 15% have been realized as a result of hull and propeller cleaning & polishing.

The most effective way to improve the overall fuel economy is to run a regularly based cleaning program for propellers.  Typically the interval for propeller cleaning & polishing should be no longer than 6 months.

Problems that can be solved with programmed cleanings:

  • Fuel Consumption penalties
  • Reduction of Emissions
  • SEEMP – Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan Implementation

With our company’s expertise, propeller can be smoothened to Grade A of the Rubert scale with the use of special carbide disks.

MEGADIVE Ltd can provide propeller cleaning & polishing on a worldwide basis through the network of offices and service stations.

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