The cooperation of Megadive Ltd with the major salvage companies worldwide increased the level of expertise of its divers/technicians in hull repairs and improved the overall company’s health & safety procedures.

Megadive Ltd consists of specialized wet & dry welders able to meet the high standards in a hull repair in the most difficult circumstances. The divers/welders of our company are certified from Lloyd’s Register with (WPQ) Welder Performance Qualification Certificate in all the basic welding positions. The above certifications permits Megadive Ltd to undertake not only non-permanent repairs but also permanent repairs worldwide which can help ship-owners in special circumstances to save time and a huge amount of money.

The divers/ technicians of Megadive Ltd are trained basis to the training program held to ISO 9001:2008, initially with theoretical courses in company’s seminar room and then by practical exercise in training tank.

Megadive Ltd owns high quality wet welding and diving support equipment in order to meet the high demands of underwater hull repair and can be found on this page.

Some of the most important hull repairs carried out by our company can be found on this page.

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