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Regular hull cleaning prevents calcareous fouling from progressing to a point where fouling damages underlying anticorrosive paint coatings.

Advantages of performing regular hull cleanings:

  • Fuel Savings

Fuel savings of more than 15 percent have been realized as a result of hull cleaning and propeller polishing of fossil-fueled ships.

  • Extended Paint Life

The service life of a paint system can be extended from 2 to 7 or more years when supported over its lifetime by regularly scheduled inspections and periodic hull cleanings.

  • Corrosion Control

Calcareous fouling accelerates paint system failure, thereby increasing the hull structure’s susceptibility to corrosion.

  • SEEMP – Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan Implementation
  • Bio-fouling Management Plan Implementation

MEGADIVE LTD can provide periodic hull cleanings on a worldwide basis through the network of offices and service stations.

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